How I Got my First Android Job as an Android Developer

It’s the best time to start an android developer career when millions of android devices are activated daily and in the future a Big Demand for android developer.

Starting an Android Developer without any experience and knowledge you will have to face many problems in this career. So I will try explaining all skills and need to become the best android app, Developer.

Below I will discuss all Basic requirements for a junior-level position and this requirement is very helpful for starting a Carrier as an android app developer without experience and knowledge.

Technical Skill

  1. XML: -XML Stand for Extensible Markup Language XML is a standard set of rules for writing documents in a way that a computer can read them. It doesn’t say anything about what the documents mean, or how they will be used. Because tools to write and read XML exist in every programming language, it has become a popular way to transmit data between computer programs, especially across networks. XML documents are Unicode text, meaning that they can represent any human language in a standard way. XML documents are hierarchical, meaning that they organize data into a series of items and sub-items.
  2. Android SDK: — Android SDK is a “Software Development Kit” which can integrate with stand-alone IDE (Eg. Eclipse), for Android Development. Whereas Android Studio is a dedicated IDE for Android Development. It comes with the Android SDK integrated into it. This (stable version) was only launched at the end of last year, earlier the alternative was to use Android SDK with Eclipse.
  3. Working with API:- API stands for Application Programming Interface. So it is an interface through which your application talks to it. A Java API would mean that your application talks to Java using that interface. A .NET API would mean using that interface you talk to. NET.When it comes to web services API is also used as a term to denote methods. An API in that context would mean a method. Good luck

Non Technical skill

  1. Communication:- Communication is a second important point as a developer because you will have to communicate team and client so you have a Good Communication skill so you will give other impressions for you team member and client.