How to Build First Android Application

You need to use the Android platform’s Java API platform to develop a native Android app developer that can directly use all of the features and capabilities available on an Android phone or tablet. This is the API that allows you to do stuff like draw text, shapes, and color combinations on the screen, play sounds or videos and interact with the physical devices of the device.

The Android API framework has improved over the years to become more stable, intuitive, and concise. As a result, and become an Android developer has become easier than ever, particularly if you use Android Studio, the framework’s approved tool.

1. Create a new Project: — To design, develop, and build your app, you’ll need to have an Android Studio project. To launch Android Studio and choose the key on the keyboard to “Start a new Android Studio project.” Because we won’t be to use any of Android Studio’s templates and choose to Add No Action on the next screen. Then, to continue, press next. You’ll now see a form where you can replace important app information such as the name and package name. The name is, of course, the name that your users will see when they configure your app.

2. Create an Activity: — One of the most important features of an Android app developer is the activity. It’s what enables you to design and present a user interface to your customers. An app may contain one or more activities, each of which allows the user to complete a task. An email client app, for example, could have three activities: sign up, sign in, and compose an email.

3. Create a Layout: — At least one layout is commonly associated with each activity. You produced an empty design for your exercise when you formed it in the previous step. Open the activity main.xml file to take a closer look at it.

4. Implement Event Handlers: — Android added two methods to one's action’s Java file,, when you generated callback function for the two buttons. If users launch it, you should be willing to see the JavaScript command.


You’ve just finished your first Android app that’s fully functional! I propose to make a few changes. I am the Best Freelance Android app developer in the USA and I have more years of experience in Development. You could, for example, try different time formats or time zones. You could also study with the button positions and the clock view. You can use a diversity of viewpoints and view groups to construct your apps. To learn more about them, discuss the official documentation.

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